ECTACO | Pocket voice translator Anobic VTL Pro - Překladače Ectaco

ECTACO | Pocket voice translator Anobic VTL Pro - Překladače Ectaco

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ECTACO | Pocket voice translator Anobic VTL Pro

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Translator Anobic VTL Pro
Two-Way Instant Translation: The language translator device can support instant two-way translation, and you can easily enjoy conversations in different languages. The language translation device accesses the translation engine when you speak. Break the language barrier immediately with a response speed of less than 0.5 seconds. Voice and text translation is provided on the touch screen. + Wi-Fi Mobile Router Huawei.

Technical Specifications:

Number of languages: 127.*
Number of languages (off-line translation): 11 *
Photo translator:
Cross translation:  
Translation efficiency > 96%
Warranty period: 12 months
Number of translation resources: 4
Customer service: in Czech
Instructions in: Czech, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian.
Device menu: 22 languages
Weight: 101 gr.
Size: 120 x 48 x 10 mm
Display: 3.0" (7,6 sm) TFT touch display
Built-in battery: lithium polymer (1500 mAh)
Mobile Internet: Wi-Fi, HotSpot
Includes: 1x Anobic VTL translator, PC-Link, Mobile Router E5330
Edition: Anobic Company
Delivery time: Depends on the country of destination
OS: Android

Price: 7190,00 Czk incl. VAT
Voice translator Anobic VTL Pro
Just say goodbye to all the awkwardness causing by language barrier, that is why we are here. We envision the great need in speaking, listening, reading and writing with different languages, so we provide the full array intelligent products from the handheld translators, translator earbuds to recording translators.

1. Advanced AI Translation:
The Anobic VTL is a cutting-edge AI translator with 1G RAM and 8G ROM, making it one of the fastest and most powerful translators in the world. With a response time of less than 0.5 seconds, it's faster than a human interpreter. The device features a 3.0 inch TFT (IPS) touch-screen and delivers ultra-high translation accuracy, with a 97% test accuracy.

  2. Accurate Online & Offline Translation.
The Anobic VTL AI translator uses a combination of 4 powerful search engines. It supports online translation for 127 different languages and accents, and offline translation for 11 commonly used languages. It also has the ability to understand jargon and slang terms, making it a smart voice translator.

  3. HD Image Translation and Advanced Noise Reduction.  
The Anobic VTL supports photo translation in 42 languages, and can recognize both print and handwritten fonts. It has advanced noise reduction capabilities, enabling accurate real-time voice recognition even in noisy environments. The dual noise-reducing microphones and advanced speaker ensure clear audio capture and playback.

  4. Long-Lasting Battery Life.
The 1500mAh battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use and can last up to a week on standby. The device can be fully charged in just 1-2 hours, making it a convenient travel companion that can be easily carried in your pocket.

 5. Professional After-Sales Service.
The Anobic language translators come with professional after-sales support. If you have any questions during use, our team will be available to assist you until you are satisfied. With its accuracy, speed, and professional service, the Anobic is the gateway to global business.

 6. Mobile Router Huawei E5330. 3G & WiFi dual access point, the new 3G pocket WiFi Router from Huawei. Huawei E5330 could support up to 10 WiFi devices to access internet. The peak download speed of Huawei E5330 is 21.6Mbps and upload speed to 5.76Mbps.

What are the advantages of the Anobic VT Pro pocket translator?

  • The ANOBIC VTL Pro translator is a professional translation device, the hardware and software system has been designed and manufactured specifically for speech translation.
  • Specially designed for use in noisier environments (speech noise reduction function), ordinary translators may have a problem with this.
  • Very simple and hassle-free to use. Even for really low tech people.
  • Uses the highest quality translation services and integrates the main speech recognition translation systems in the world. Its speech recognition system is a hybrid one based on acoustic neural network and language modeling.
  • It uses advanced translation service, the accuracy of translation is much higher than the classical one.
  • ANOBIC VTL Pro uses its own servers to provide translation services in many places in the world, the translation speed is very fast and the translation service is stable.
  • It is a standalone product, it does not store and require any personal information.
  • ANOBIC VTL Pro does not require any hidden fees for using the translation service.

* The data are for information only.  ECTACO Ceska s.r.o. reserves the right to change them without prior notice.

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