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Russian<->Italian Free Speech Electronic Translator Partner LUX 2

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ECTACO Partner LUX 2 Italian <-> Russian Free Speech Electronic Translator & Language Teacher - Learn Russian & Italian
Category: Talking bilingual dictionary.
Language pair: Italian <-> Russian, Russian <-> Italian.
Vocabulary: 740,000.
Battery Type: Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 3350mAh), included.  
Screen: color touch screen, rotatable 180 degrees.
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels.
Operating time one battery charge: approximately 6 hours.
Size: 132 x 98 x 23 mm.
Weight: 306 g
Micro SD Slot: Language Pair Selection Partner ® LUX.
Keyboard: Qwerty / virtual keyboard screen.

Price:  € 349.95  

code: L2-0011RI

Partner LUX 2 Russian <-> Italian Free Speech Electronic Communicator

Immediate availability
349,95 € Add
NO NEED FOR AN INTERNET CONNECTION OR 3G - start using it right out of the box.
Learn - Talk - Translate - Play.
The breakthrough, award-winning language learning and translation microcomputer Partner LUX2 is here!
Equipped with a never before seen set of unique linguistic programs - a result of 23-years development by our linguist specialists and engineers -
Partner LUX2
is the only assistant you need in all of your language venues.
Featuring an innovative and robust hardware platform with a powerful CPU, the clear and 180-degree rotating screen allows for extreme flexibility of use(instant conversion of a keyboard-based device into slim tablet), hi-resolution camera with Photo Translator program, and a micro-HDMI port for connection to your TV and other devices. The LUX2 is sure to become your favorite and only language tool in studies and leisure.
Use the Language Teacher program to learn an entire language. Words are paired with images making for quick recall later on. Simply speak to the Partner LUX2 and it will correct you through its advanced speech analysis system.
With the powerful Android OS under the hood, you're free to do anything you want with your Partner LUX2. With limitless apps and media, there are no bounds to what this device can do.
What are you getting?
  • Voice Translator. Just speak into the Partner LUX2 and have it translate whatever you say in seconds.
  • Photo Translator. Quickly snap a pic of any text you see and have it translated instantly, no internet connection required. Need more? Get the Ectaco C-Pen hand held scanner and translate texts from books, newspapers, menus, etc.
  • Text Translation. Type in any text you want and have it translated right away. Have it pronounced for you with just the push of a button.
  • Connect the LUX2 to your TV through an HDMI port and watch your favorite videos online or learn languages with built in Video Courses.
  • Use over 40 language learning programs.
  • Memorize a new Word-Of-the-Day every time you turn on the LUX2.
  • Connect with friends over Facebook and other Social Media.
Language Teacher:
The courses are fully interactive and replicate realistic interactions. It immerses you in the language and works with you at your own pace.
The 4 levels include thorough lessons of:
  • Alphabet
  • Words
  • Phrases
  • Dialogues
Each set is loaded with an advanced speech recognition system so you get a detailed view and correction of your pronunciation each time.
You can even backtrack lessons and restart the entire learning process as often as you like with no limitations.
  • Language Teacher PixWord:
  • Using the same state-of-the-art speech analysis algorithm as original Language Teacher, it has expanded to over 3,000 words, covering topics like Health, Food, Office and more (22 topics in total) with pictures and Antonyms
  • Dictionary:
    An academic size bi-lingual dictionary of over 740,000 words, pronunciation of these words have been recorded by professional, native speaking narrators (for selected languages).
    • Translations complete with parts of speech, gender, comments, transcriptions, and examples.
    • Quick copy and translate (translates a selected word in other application with just one click)
    • Input Line search finds any word matching the sequence of symbols you enter
    • History function to view and select previously entered words
    • Edit the main dictionary with built-in Internet resources

  • Vocabulary Builder. A graphic game that helps you to build a larger and more sophisticated vocabulary.
  • Picture Dictionary. A combination of images and pronunciation makes this program an effective way to learn new words in relation to a specific situation you may be in.
  • Universal Translator. 180-language word translator covers all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Get the translation and pronunciation (for selected languages) of the words in seconds.
  • Speed-reading Course. A specially designed step-by-step course to speed up your reading without sacrificing understanding of the text. Separated into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, it will teach you how to make the most of the books and articles you read in different languages.
  • jetBook Reader. eBook reader with advanced functionality of reading an entire book out loud. Zoom in and zoom out function, multiple format support, bookmarks, Day and Night reading mode, Book Sharing options and more.
  • Russian Books Online. A comprehensive library of hundreds of thousands of Russian language books.
  • Ectaco Market. A one stop supermarket for all of your language needs.
  • Word Of the Day. Simple and effective way to learn a new word every time you open your Partner LUX2.
  • Talk:
    • Voice Translator. Simply speak into Partner LUX2 in Russian and have it translate what you say. Very effective way to connect with foreigners or locals in foreign countries.
    • Audio PhraseBook. Works for both instant communication and language learning. Consist of 14,000 commonly used phrases
    • Authentic human voice narration for both languages
    • 15 easily navigated topic-areas
    • Advanced speech recognition for hands-free navigation
    • Quick search using key words

    Advanced search

    Instant Reverse translation

    Speech recognition


    Full sentence translation


    Irregular verbs

    New word recording

    Linguistic crossword

    180-language dictionary

    Pictured dictionary

    U-Learn™ course

    SAT preparation course



    Electronic grammar book

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