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Bestsellers! Hi-end speech-to-speech translators.
Ectaco Partner P900 series — The new ECTACO P900 Grand series offers you GPS Receiver along with the standard set of P900 Deluxe applications. The GPS receiver is pre-loaded with the US maps. Now it is more than just an electronic translator. Why using two separate devices, if you can use one! With ECTACO Cpen for scanning and translating texts, ECTACO P900 Deluxe devices represent some of our most advanced handhelds. They include everything you need to communicate and learn a foreign language. With their unsurpassed language management utilities, the 900 Deluxe line offers a range of the most sought after resources including unbeatable talking translating Dictionaries, an Audio PhraseBook with over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken aloud using True Voice human pronunciation, advanced Speech Recognition modules and a Talking 39 language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words. In addition to a customizable bilingual interface and robust Audio and Video players, Partner 900 series devices also include our patented Language Teacher and U-Learn systems and the popular jetBook e-Book reader plus loads of extras.
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Diccionarios de mano.
Los diccionarios electrónicos y traductores de mano – más de 70 títulos para 20 idiomas – son dispositivos modernos, ligeros y de moda con una gran variedad de funciones.
Português Dicionário
A ECTACO, Inc. é líder mundial em tecnologia de tradução eletrônica. Desenvolvemos os mais sofisticados handhelds e softwares e contamos com uma equipe de tradutores e de projetistas de primeira linha.
Elektronischen Wörterbücher
Elektronische Taschenwörterbücher und - übersetzer - über 100 Titel für 45 Sprachen - sind moderne, leichtgewichtige und modische Übersetzungsgeräte mit einer großen Spannbreite von Möglichkeiten.

JetBook - Pocket Biblioteca Universale.
Leggero e super portatile ECTACO jetBook è l'ultima novità per la lettura dei libri elettronici. Capace di memorizzare migliaia di libri in quasi tutte le lingue del mondo e file di musica e di immagini, è una libreria universale portatile per i professionisti, per gli uomini d'affari o per la lettura di piacere.

The ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary, along with the entire iTRAVL NTL series, has been selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Personal Electronics product category for the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show to be held in Las Vegas 7-10 February 2008

iTRAVL Corrida-2Pg
Simplesmente único no universo dos auxiliares de viagem portáteis, o iTRAVL inclui tudo o que o executivo ou turista necessita para tornar sua viagem agradável e sem tropeços.
iTRAVL Corrida-2Pg



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