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Once you take a trip with iTRAVL, you’ll never leave home without it!
iTRAVL NTL series includes everything the business or leisure traveler needs to make visiting foreign destinations an enjoyable and easily navigated experience.

The iTRAVL series has been selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Personal Electronics product category for the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show. Read more here

Language Teacher - a language learning system.

The smartest way to learn a second language ever invented. A complete system combining speech-enabled dictionary, speech-recognition and analysis, language- learning games and an explanatory dictionary. Provides an outstanding language learning experience that is integrated and customizable to let you develop your skills at your own pace.

Convenient. Use it wherever and whenever you have a free moment. Learn a language in the time it takes you to fly from your hometown to your destination. Windows CE functionality provides an integrated environment that helps you to learn everything from the alphabet to individual words, phrases and dialogues. Prepare for everyday conversation at home and abroad!

Effective. The combination of speech recognition and speech analysis lets you improve your pronunciation and remove your accent based on native-speaker models. If the language teacher understands you, so will everyone else. Increase your command of a second language in less time than almost any other method of instruction thanks to its wide range of integrated resources.

Fun. A choice of 4 language-learning games make increasing your vocabulary as much fun as playing a video game. And just as addictive! Customizable and with full statistical data, you decide on the words you need and eliminate the ones you already know as you progress.

Fodor's Travel Guide

From the most respected name in travel guides. The 2007 version features an interactive way to find the information you need for 50 of the most popular destinations in the world.

Practical. All the information you depend on when visiting another city in one convenient place. Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Local Attractions and Maps make it easy to plan your day. Or your entire trip! You can even use it at home when visiting a different city to impress your friends and business associates with your knowledge of their town.

Dependable. Featuring the most up-to-date information for 2007. All listings can be trusted to be accurate and relevant and to point you in the right direction. Never again will you arrive at a restaurant that closed two years ago thanks to Fodor's use of local sources to compile its data.

Complete. 50 of the world's most popular destinations at your fingertips. With information on all the subjects it takes to make for an enjoyable trip, it is a complete guide to the good life. An overview of every destination, smart travel tips and Fodor's Choice recommendations, it is the standard by which all other guides are judged by and the first choice of smart travelers.

Audio PhraseBook

A 14,000 entry phrasebook of the most necessary expressions that takes the guesswork out of international communication.

Assistance. Divided into 15 intuitively navigated topic areas the remarkable Audio PhraseBook is a handheld communication device that makes it easier than ever to get your message across. All you need to do is find the phrase you want, tap the screen and the device speaks the phrase aloud. Nothing could be simpler!

Confidence. Using professionally-narrated digital recordings of native speakers it does the talking for you. With topics covering just about every situation you are likely to encounter you will be sure to find exactly the phrase you need quickly and easily. And you can be sure to be understood the first time!

Accuracy. Now you never need to worry about getting it wrong again. Built in speech recognition lets you compare your pronunciation against a native-speaker's letting you improve your accent and build confidence. Speaking a second language has never been easier or more trouble free!


  • ECTACO iTRAVL includes Audio Player, a robust media player that allows you to organize and play your favorite .mp3 and .wav files. Easy to upload via the device's PC connection.
  • The CIA World Factbook provides detailed information on 180 of the world's nations from the most reliable US Government sources. Population, Economy, Politics and Statistics are just some of the sections that will let you prepare for your trip more thoroughly.
  • Included AudioBooks provide informative and entertaining tours of some of Paris' most famous sights. Add more to match your destination.
  • Interactive time-zone maps let you check the time anywhere in the world instantly by simply clicking on a country. No more waking up the folks back home with late-night calls!
    Be sure to make the most of your busy schedule with the built in calendar and never forget another appointment again.
  • Always come home with the right sized garment. A calculator that converts international shoe and clothing sizes into ones you are already familiar with insures that you get just the right fit.
  • A talking calculator lets you check exchange rates and then have them spoken aloud to better manage your finances.
  • Essential Cultural Notes let you become acquainted with modern Arab-Islamic traditions. A multiple-choice exam helps insure that you get it right when it really counts.