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NTL-series main features overview

Language Teacher

A Teacher in the Palm of Your Hand!

With the Ectaco Language Teacher you can learn to speak a foreign language in no time at all. Taking you from Beginner to Advanced levels, the Language Teacher helps improve your vocabulary, correct your pronunciation and teach you the grammar you need to be able to communicate accurately and fluently. Using a unique combination of speech recognition, learning games and practice exercises, your Language Teacher has only one goal - to help you succeed!



All the Words You Need to Get Along!

Containing all the most necessary phrases you need to get by while traveling abroad, the easy to use PhraseBook is a real lifesaver. Intuitive and responsive, it is divided into 15 easily navigated categories so you will always be able to find the phrases you want. And with authentic native speaker voice output it guarantees that you will get your message across loud and clear. A special section of the PhraseBook even tells you what you can expect as a response to your question or statement - so you will always get it right the first time.


Text Translator

For More Complete Understanding!

Understanding sentences and phrases is sometimes the only way to make true sense of a language. Faster and more accurate than translating from the dictionary, the Text Translator puts foreign words in context so that you are able to grasp the complete meaning. Text Translation can also be used to translate a sentence that you would like to say - saving time, mistakes and misunderstanding. Allowing you to cut and paste words and phrases as well as speaking its translations aloud, this utility is convenient and dependable.



Useful and Enjoyable!

With a choice of pre-loaded or user defined FlashCards sets you will quickly begin learning whole groups of useful words faster than you ever dreamed possible. The most enjoyable and effective way to increase your vocabulary, FlashCards have long been the first choice of teachers and students for a simple reason - they really work! Fully customizable, you can use the FlashCards feature to study new words whenever you have a free moment and easily eliminate those you already know, checking your progress and tracking the results of your efforts.


Audio Books

Informative and Entertaining!

Audio Books keep you entertained on long journeys and also give you access to information that makes your trip much more enjoyable. Use them when visiting a foreign city to guide you around the most important sites and provide you with the background you need to impress your travel companions, business partners and the locals. With thousands of titles available as additional content, you will always be sure to have just the right material no matter what your destination. Just plug in and play!



Fodor's Travelbook

Essential Information for Top Destinations!

Guidebooks are in indispensable part of any traveler's essential kit but by the time they are printed they are often already outdated. Not only that, but they usually take up too much space in your luggage and you usually need a different one for each of your destinations. With the Fodor's Travel Guide you have up-to the minute information on hotels, restaurants, transportation and much, much more in the palm of your hand. And with maps and other resources for locating the most important local attractions you will always find your way to the best any city has to offer.



Make New Connections!

Crossword puzzles have long been regarded as an enjoyable way to help pass the time, improve concentration and as sources of new information. Ectaco Crosswords do all that and more by helping you to improve your spelling and build your vocabulary while you play. Using a series of progressive games, Crosswords link together words found in the dictionary to create an entertaining and effective way to increase your knowledge of the language while helping you to remember more!



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SD cards have been released for each and every of the language combinations listed above. They give you the option to install alternative languages onto your iTRAVL NTL.
Now, when in need of additional language pairs you don’t need to purchase a new device!
Simply get an SD card with the languages you need to supplement your iTRAVL NTL Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary.

AC adapter, rechargeable battery and two LCD protectors and the corresponding SD card are included in the package.
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Overnight delivery within the US & Canada is available for an additional $20.
We provide standard delivery to Europe & other parts of the world at no additional charge.