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Featuring native speakers' voices and an absolutely massive vocabulary!
Now available for 31 languages!

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ECTACO Inc. is proud to present the newest release of 2007 - Partner P800 Series translators.

Unique in the world of modern communication, these remarkable machines are able to speak any of their instant bi-directional translations aloud. Employing the latest, state-of-the-art speech recognition technology they are also able to understand what is said to them. Featuring the use of real human voices in their distinctive PhraseBook, the Partner P800 Series is a model of effective communication and easy comprehension.

But the real heart of this sophisticated and powerful language resource is the absolutely massive vocabulary that includes up to 1,030,000 words and phrases.
A Highly efficient FlashCards language learning game has also been included to speed along your language studies and help you memorize new words. Each device is equipped with a function allowing you to add new words and create new entries for the existing dictionaries.
Other useful features such as MP3 player, calculator, etc. are also included.

Truly irresistible, the whole package has been attractively wrapped in a sleek, ultra-modern design and made easily accessible via its high-quality colour touch screen and award winning lightning fast search features. With one of the stylish Partner P800 series in hand, it seems users will never be at a loss for words.

Truly irresistible, the whole package has been attractively wrapped in a sleek, ultra-modern design and made easily accessible via its high-quality colour touch screen and award winning lightning fast search features. With one of the stylish Partner P800 series in hand, it seems users will never be at a loss for words.

ECTACO English <-> Arabic <-> English EA800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Armenian <-> English EAr800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Bosnian <-> English EBs800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Croatian <-> English ECr800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Estonian <-> English EEs800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Russian <-> English ER800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO Russian <-> Estonian <-> Russian REs800Special Price $459.95
ECTACO English <-> Spanish <-> English ES800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Polish <-> English EP800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> French <-> English EF800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> German <-> English EGm800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Bulgarian <-> English EB800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Hebrew <-> English EH800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Hungarian <-> English EHu800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Italian <-> English EI800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Latvian <-> English ELv800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Romanian <-> English EPg800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Portuguese <-> English EPg800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Dutch <-> English EDu800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Swedish <-> English ESw800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Turkish <-> English ET800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Albanian <-> English EAl800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Czech <-> English ECz800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Greek <-> English EG800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Serbian <-> English ESe800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Slovak <-> English ESl800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Finnish <-> English EFn800Special Price $429.95
ECTACO English <-> Tagalog <-> English ETg800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Thai <-> English ETh800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Ukrainian<-> English EUa800Special Price $499.95
ECTACO English <-> Vietnamese <-> English EV800Special Price $499.95

The latest P800 translating handhelds are the most remarkable yet from the award-winning team of linguists and developers at ECTACO. The newest releases in this ever-expanding series now incorporate more features than ever. After covering all Eastern and Western European languages in Q1 2006, ECTACO made Partner® P800 available for Arabic, Farsi and most Asian languages. These state-of-the-art translators are able to speak any of their instant bi-directional translations aloud. Featuring the latest advances in speech recognition technology, they also use real human voice output in their distinctive PhraseBook section. Devices from the one-of-a-kind Partner P800 series are models of effective communication and contain an exhaustive vocabulary of up to 1,000,000 words and travel-dedicated phrases. A new machine translation system incorporated into the Spanish, Polish and Russian models means that they are now capable of full text translation. “No longer are our customers limited to single words and short phrases” ECTACO CEO David Lubinitsky says. “It can now translate sentences and blocks of text effortlessly. Full text machine translation is just one of the innovative advances that have come to be expected from ECTACO. Its appearance across the full range of P800 devices is just another example of our commitment to quality and usability”.

New Partner P800 Series Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook devices are now available to translate between English and Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

Bestsellers! ECTACO iTRAVL NTL Series
he remarkable new NTL series of devices from Ectaco are the most revolutionary handheld travel and translation tools ever invented. iTRAVL NTL series are the lastest versions of iTRAVL TL-9 and iTRAVL TL-6. Offering users access to a unique collection of the most indispensable utilities around, they make communicating in a foreign language easier than it's ever been before and make any trip you take more enjoyable and more comfortable. Available in both multi- and bi-lingual versions they are able to translate between English and Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and back!
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Англо-русский словарь-переводчик ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-2RX воплотил в себе новейшие достижения лингвистов и разработчиков компании. Общий объем словарных баз составляет около 1.030.000 слов. В словарь общей лексики включены самые современные английские слова с примерами употребления в речи.

The ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary, along with the entire iTRAVL NTL series, has been selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Personal Electronics product category for the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show to be held in Las Vegas 7-10 February 2008

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