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What is machine translation?

  Machine translation, or automated language translation, is a process using computer software to automatically render a text presented in a given natural language (such as English) into another language (such as Spanish). Applying complex sets of specific rules, the software analyses and then transfers the grammatical structure of the source language (text to be translated) into the target language (translated text).

Machine translation is not a simple process. It does not involve the mere translation of each word in any selection of text but rather the rendering of all the words in the given sentence or context in the target language, achieved through the understanding of the entire passage. Natural languages are distinguished by their morphology (fundamental elements and word formation rules), their syntax (sentence structure) and their semantics (meanings of words). They also involve a great number of ambiguities.



LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2007 English <-> French for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2007 English <-> German for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2007 English <-> Italian for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2007 English <-> Polish for Windows
Systran 6.0 Premium Translator, World Language Pack
Systran 6.0 Business Translator, European Language Pack
Systran 6.0 Business Translator, World Language Pack
Systran 6.0 Premium Translator, European Language Pack
Employing the latest linguistic developments and syntactic databases, LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2007 offers superior text translation instantly. Once translated, the text can then be spoken aloud using the latest TTS (text-to-speech) voice synthesis. This updated translation engine from LingvoSoft even works quickly and effectively on slower running devices, saving you time and delivering the results when you need them — at work, at school, or at home.

SYSTRAN is the market leader in providing language translation software products and solutions for the desktop, enterprise and Internet that help individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises instantly translate and understand multilingual information and communicate more effectively in multiple languages.
With SYSTRAN products or solutions you can instantly translate and understand foreign language content in Word and PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook email, Web pages in Internet Explorer or Firefox, as well as XML and other commonly used file formats, into and from 52 language pairs.


Promt Office Giant for Windows
Promt Professional Giant for Windows
Promt Personal Giant for Windows
Promt Expert Giant for Windows
LEC Translate Portuguese Pro 
LEC Translate Magellan Personal
LEC Translate Euro Business
LEC Translate Euro Pro
PROMT has the solution to meet your translation software needs. From Microsoft Office documents to PDFs, websites to e-mails, even TIFF and JPEG graphic files, PROMT can tackle them all. Choose the translation solution that is right for you. Choose English to Spanish, French or any of 24 translation directions!

Quality, automatic translation requires accurate technology, and LEC's technology portfolio includes the world's most accurate English analysis software. LEC’s technology has been used and enhanced over the past 22 years and is now deployed by more than three million users worldwide. In Japan, the world's most advanced market for automatic translation, LEC’s technology is the #1 choice of government agencies, businesses and individuals.

IdiomaX Translation Suite
IdiomaX E-Mail Translator
IdiomaX Translator
IdiomaX Office Translator
IdiomaX integrates the state-of-the-art computing technology with our experience in natural language. Our staff includes specialists in linguistic and applied computing fields, whose main task is to create language-related tools for automatic translation software.
Our translation machine is the result of years of research and development. It adapts itself to several languages with different purposes.

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