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Danish electronic dictionaries

Danske elektroniske ordbøger

ECTACO XM500 Multilingual Translator

ECTACO Partner XM500 is a unique device which allows translation among any of the included 126 languages in the database be it Spanish to Maori or Samoan to Dutch. The collection includes the most spread out languages in the words, as well as many others, for true lovers of linguistics. Besides the dictionaries, the device offers many extras, which will make your learning and communication more pleasant and efficient

                                                                                                   Price: $ 179.95

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 ECTACO jetBook Color

The CES 2012 Innovations award-winning jetBook Color is now available! Using the world's first Triton Color E Ink screen, it makes the perfect eReadering device for bus

                                                                                             Price: $ 499.95


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 ECTACO/C-Pen 3.5 Bluetooth scanner

The C-Pen 3.5 Bluetooth is the latest in the line of C-pen's world famous handheld scanners. It features a Bluetooth Dongle which allows the pen to wirelessly connect to your PC. With C-Pen 3.5 you can scan and OCR (character recognition) printed text into your computer. A brief sweep with your C-Pen and the text instantly appears in any open application on your computer. Easy to use with e.g. translation software, text-to-speech applications, internet banking, etc.

                                                                                             Price: $ 179.95

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 ECTACO/C-Pen 3.0 Handheld Scanner

The C-Pen 3.0 can read text and digits in most fonts between 5-22 points. The C-Pen 3.0 is the latest in the CPen family and has been specifically designed to be used together with a hosting computer. It is connected to the host by a USB cable. The C-Pen 3.0 is a handheld scanner pen working on-line with a USB host inputting text/number data into any host application. With a simple scan the C-Pen 3.0 recognizes 180+ languages based on Latin, Cyrillic or the Greek character set. The C-Pen 3.0 reads printed text and sends it directly to the cursor in the active application on your computer.

                                                                                            Price: $ 159.95

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 ECTACO jetBook K-12 Yellow

The jetBook K-12 is specifically designed to Aid teachers in the classroom and provide an interactive learning experience for students.

                                                                                            Price: $ 399.95


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Handheld Czech electronic dictionary and language software.Czech languages software for PALM, POCKET and Nokia

Dictionnaires Électroniques
Les dictionnaires et les traducteurs électroniques ont récemment émergé comme langage et solutions modernes et à la mode de transmission dans beaucoup de zones des affaires. Voici que vous trouverez plus de 140 titres pour plus de 30 langages, chacun offrant une grande variété de dispositifs pour vous aider avec tous les tris des défis de langage.
Dictionnaires Électroniques.

Português Dicionário
A ECTACO, Inc. é líder mundial em tecnologia de tradução eletrônica. Desenvolvemos os mais sofisticados handhelds e softwares e contamos com uma equipe de tradutores e de projetistas de primeira linha.

Electronic dictionary
Handheld Electronic Dictionaries and Translators have recently emerged as the modern, fashionable language and communication solutions in many areas of business.

All about electronic dictionaries




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